AU GRAND AIR  – Our values

Au Grand Air (meaning ‘In the open air’) is a kindergarten and day care. Think of us as the happiest place outside of your child’s home. Our promise is that every child in our care will enjoy a warm, safe, creative and stimulating environment where they become engaged and effective learners. Every teacher and caregiver at Au Grand Air is committed to helping parents strike a balance between family and professional lives. The individual and age appropriate pedagogical approach serves as a foundation for a lifetime’s love of learning and confidence building. This is a space where children can just be themselves, where their growth is self-propelled, and where their talents will naturally unfold.

The six core values that inspire us every day.


With the purposeful inclusion of mindfulness in our pedagogy, we leverage techniques that stimulate self-awareness, better focus, empathy as well as applying mindfulness skills to everyday life. The outcomes of which are joy, trust, gentle socialization and serenity.


An educational environment where the entire team is supportive, and respectful with a common goal of achieving the well-being of children, parents, professional staff, and the entire community surrounding us.


Being mindful that parents trust us with that which is most precious to them, and that our actions affect the well-being of children and their families. Being aware of our responsibilities. Commitment to the development and fulfilment of our teams.


Constantly striving to improve the care we give to children and their families, the welfare of our employees and the satisfaction of our clients. As part of this process of continuous improvement we need to be willing and action-oriented.


Believing in the talent and intelligence of each one of us and in collective responsibility. We consider that working together is a strength and that everyone can bring something to the table. We need to be supportive and share our difficulties and successes so we can grow together.


In the coming years, India is set to become the world’s leading power. Our educational project is linked to this perspective. We rely on the latest research from neuroscience to provide the best for our children to be prepared for this modern global world. Adaptability is the key where our children will know at least three languages, their native language as well as two other languages.