AU GRAND AIR we pride ourselves on providing our children with an environment that is warm and welcoming. We aim to provide each child with a sense of belonging, a place where they feel comfortable and loved, accepted, supported and valued and are able to develop attachments and trust in their educators.

AU GRAND AIR  embraces and celebrates all cultures and work closely with families to provide a nurturing and stimulating early learning environment for all children in our care.  We strive to build and maintain strong, respectful and equitable relationships with all children and their families where their rights and dignity are respected and maintained at all times. At AU GRAND AIR  Early Learning Centre we value parent participation and feedback and have an open door policy.

The curriculum AU GRAND AIR is play based, child centred and driven by children’s interests. It is a flexible program that caters to cover every child’s learning abilities and enhance their skills and knowledge. Our educators facilitate the program through a documentation cycle that entails observation, questioning, planning, acting and reflection.

AU GRAND AIR  is a privately owned FRANCE AND CO inspired Long Day Care.