The “Au Grand Air” school, a paradise for young children

A school designed by our architect to create a most child-friendly environment. Softness and calm are combined here. The child feels reassured and can thus develop perfectly..

Infants and toddlers learn by interacting with the environment, the space in which your child grows – be it outdoors or indoors – should be motivating and inviting with plenty of materials available to stimulate his/her imagination. In the presence of a stimulatory environment, children are encouraged to explore all the possibilities offered for fun, adventure, challenge and creativity.


The school is a significant personal and social environment in the lives of its students. A child-friendly shool ensures every child an environment that is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabling.

Play Areas

The environment plays a major role in children’sdevelopment. External influencesoffer the brain intellectual, emotional, social, and physical experiences which strengthen the trillions of connections between brain cells that make learning possible.Well-planned physical environments are necessary to support developmentally appropriate practice in our child school.


We believe that only the cautious reference checking can emerge the creative, talented, educated and reliable candidates. We pay close attention to education, skills and experience of our caregivers and language teachers. Our governess agency searches for candidates with good manners and versatile knowledge who are confident and passionate about teaching, committed to creating a safe, inviting and stimulating environment for your children.


Babies are born learning. Very young children are learning through play, the active exploration of their environment, and, most importantly, through interactions with the significant adults in their lives.


Our candidates are cautiously verified through the rigorous placement process. Our nanny agency verifies candidates’ skills and childcare references from the previous employers, current First Aid Qualifications, good manners, diligence, flexibility and efficient work planning.


Babies communicate from day one by using gestures, sounds and expressions to share feelings and needs like hunger, sleepiness, or joy.
Even before their first words they will develop their own unique ways of communicating with us.