Here at Au Grand Air, we encourage our children to learn through play.  By allowing autonomy we are encouraging each child to trust themselves as learners.  We aim to offer activities that will spark the creative and inquisitive minds of each child while taping into the talents and passions of our highly qualified hands on staff.

Free Choice is offered every day as soon as children walk into our door.  By giving them a choice we are allowing them to explore and challenge their interests and likes.  With so many different styles of curiosity amongst children we strive to reach each child and to provide them with an environment that allows their curiosity to flourish.
We have a combination of daily and weekly enrichment activities in our after school program.  Each of these activities is presented in accessible manner that allows each child to come and go as they please.
We look forward to being able to provide a space for all of our curious learners at our Lego Club, Drawing club, Music Club, Animal Club and many more…